About Us



NATHANI CHARITABLE TRUST is composed of two organs, The Board of Trustees and The Executive Organ. Board of Trustees is the highest governing body that formulates polices & oversees implementation of the Project while Executive Organ is responsible for implementing the policies laid down by the BOT. The structure of the organization can be amended and improved according to the organizational operations and chart.

Administratively NCT is divided into Education Programme & Widow Empowerment Programme. CEO is answerable to the Board of Trustees for progress of the organization.

NCT conducts weekly and monthly staff meetings to monitor progress. It also conducts external evaluation to determine the progress made, identify gaps and explore opportunities for enhancing performance.


Name Profession Gender Designation
Mr. Abdul Majid. H. M Nathani Businessman Male Patron & Founder 
Mrs. Maimuna. A. Majid. Nathani House wife Female   Trustee
Mr. Abdul Hamid. A. M. Nathani Businessman Male Managing Trustee
Mr. Maqsood. A. M. Nathani Businessman Male Hon'ble Secretary
Mr. Abdul Rashid. A. M. Nathani Businessman Male Treasurer
Mr. Nadeem K.Supariwala Businessman Male Trustee
Mr. Shabbar Ujjainwala Businessman Male Trustee


The Executive Organ is headed by highly experienced and qualified CEO, Programme Managers assisted by Programme Coordinators & Programme Executive. Programme Executives are at the grass root level converting the vision of the trust into reality.